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Google Apps for Education

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Google Apps provides a platform for electronic interactions between members of the College community. Our Google Apps for Education deployment includes the following products - select the appropriate links to find out more about each product.
Docs Suite

Google Docs Suite

The Google Docs suite: Docs, Sheets, Slides, Forms, and Drawings, includes collaborative online applications for creating, sharing, and publishing in your classroom and on the go. Access, edit, and share content like lesson plans, science projects, class presentations, and quizzes, right from your web browser with no additional software to install. Follow this link to Get Started in the Classroom.

Get started with Gmail

You can use Gmail from any computer, tablet or phone - both online and offline. Google Apps for Education Gmail includes a custom email addresses and plenty of storage. Follow this link to Get Started with Gmail.

Get started with Google Classrooms
Google Classroom

Google Classroom helps teachers create, assign, and collect student classwork and homework paperlessly. With Google Classroom, teachers can seamlessly integrate Google Docs, Google Drive, and Gmail to create assignments, provide feedback for in progress and completed work, and communicate with their students directly and with whole class announcements--all without using a single piece of paper. Students can work on assignments in Google Docs and turn it in with a few clicks. Follow this link to Get Started in the Classroom

Google Sites
Google Sites

Google Sites can be used to create websites and webpages without knowing HTML. It works in any web browser. Websites can be used to host a class project website, to host resources and materials for classes or for students to create basic sites as part of their school work. Follow this link to get started with Google Sites.